Being a Mom Is Great... Most of the Time

Before you start criticizing me for being a bad mom, I really do love my daughter. And I love being her mom. We have so much fun together and watching her grow up and develop into her own person is so rewarding.

All that being said, there are times when being a mom is, well, annoying. And really hard. Not that I would trade being a mother for anything, but as with most roles sometimes it just plain sucks. For example...

1, When you're sick. My daughter had a cold last week, which means I have a cold this week. Normally, I'm fine with a little runny nose, but this cold is killing me. Body aches, sore throat, headache. I feel awful, but you know? I can't stop being mom. I just have to suck it up and take care of my little girl when all I really want to do is curl up in bed and sleep.

2. When someone close dies. My daughter's grandmother passed away earlier this year, but she didn't really understand why she hadn't been around until a few weeks ago. She immediately started crying because she said she missed her and as you can imagine, it was just heartbreaking.

3. When your kid is the problem child. I know a woman who gets called to the school at least twice a week because her son acts out. Just yesterday, the school threatened to expel him--and he's only 4!--because he is just too much to deal with. Talk about feeling helpless.

4. When your kid is sick. Yes, the common cold is bad, but if your child has ever had a serious health scare, you know it's absolutely terrifying. I remember getting a call from my babysitter that my daughter had fallen down a flight of concrete stairs and feeling nothing but pure panic. Sucks big time.

5. When your baby/toddler won't sleep. We all hear about the sleepless nights, but to actually live through them is a whole other thing. Sleep is essential and while you can function without much of it, life is kind of miserable when you're not well-rested. Especially when there's a small child dependent on you and you're only working with a few hours of ZZZs.

6. When no one helps with the stroller. This may just be a city thing, but how annoying is it when everyone rushes out of the subway when they clearly see you have a stroller and there's no elevator. I'm not saying it's anyone else's responsibility to help, but what happened to common courtesy?

7. When you want to go on a date. This includes but isn't limited to wanting to see a movie that isn't animated, wanting to go to a restaurant that doesn't serve chicken fingers or wanting to wear something that isn't made of machine-washable cotton. What a bummer when you just can't book a sitter.

8. When you have to leave a crying child to go to work. I've long admitted I suffer from total mom guilt so it's this weird cycle of loving my daughter so much I feel guilty for leaving her and then feeling annoyed that I feel so guilty. Make it stop!

9. When you know you need a vacay, but refuse to leave your kids behind. Sure, we all need a break from the kids, but that's way easier said than done. Some moms--like me--would love to take a relaxing beach getaway and not have to worry about feeding, dressing, changing and entertaining another person. But would I actually be able to enjoy it knowing my kid wasn't there with me? I don't know.

10. When you have to deal with the whole schooling situation. Up until this point, I feel like I've had it pretty easy as a mom. But the decision of whether to try to put my daughter in private school next year or send her to the public preschool has been the source of so much stress. I want the best for her, but is $35K just too high a price to pay?

It's okay to vent--we won't judge you. So tell us, what do you dislike about being a mom?? Share in the comments.


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