Beyonce Still Pregnant—despite Rumors, Popular Demand

Beyonce: still pregnant.Beyonce: still pregnant.A lot of unexpected things happened in celebrity-land over the holidays. Katy Perry and Russell Brand got divorced. Tom Cruise actually topped the box office again. And Angelina bought Brad a waterfall. (Fine, if it were any other couple that would be unexpected.)

But the one thing we expected to happen just didn't. I'm talking about Beyonce's baby .

By mid-December, reports of a massively pregnant pop singer on the brink of broken water had everyone planning on a Christmas mizzeracle. No dice. Between Christmas and New Year's a few false reports went out about the delivery but they were quickly debunked. Then came New Year's Eve. Correction: New Year's Rockin' Eve. That night Beyonce was to set perform on Dick Clark's ball drop countdown. When she backed out at the last minute it seemed her ball had dropped too. Clark hinted at it during the broadcast and if you squinted at the TV you could almost make out her baby announcement on the ticker in Times Square.

By the time the audience suffered through a second encore of the song "Good Life" in order to fill her slot on the show, Beyonce's baby was under some serious pressure from society at large to make an appearance.

But here we are, days later, and still no baby. Despite her million dollar nursery , her unbridled success, and her brain-boggling talent and beauty, I'm starting to feel awful for the woman. Can you imagine how uncomfortable she is right about now? Recent photos of her don't show it because she still looks like Beyonce, but one can imagine she doesn't feel too mobile right now. And how about that pressure? It's bad enough to have family and friends anxiously awaiting the end of your protracted pregnancy, try having the entire world checking in every few minutes.

To that end, we should all wish her well and let her play out her last days with child without adding any undo pressure. If this is still going on come Valentine's day, however, all bets are off.

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