Boos & Ahhs: Stunning DIY Halloween Costumes

It's not too early... Is it too early? We don't think so! It's never too early to think of amazing costume designs for your kid to boo and wow the neighborhood as they go trick or treating. This year, forgo the mindless trip to the store and head over to the closest fabric or craft store for some colorful goods, or your local consignment store to pick up nifty steals. For the parents who don't have a clue of what you're going to make, we've scoured the Internet for 17 awesome, original DIY costumes that will inspire your little one for years to come!

Psssst...Got a totally amazing DIY homemade costume from this year or years past? Send our editor Erin ( a photo along with your child's name and age and we'll publish our fave picks. We can't wait to see what all of you creative mamas and pops have come up with!

Little Wings
Angry Birds? Psh, they don't even have flappable wings. Your little tweeter will be soaring around the house with this attachable set on his or her arms. A few tweaks here and there, and this mom made her precious girl a festive bird.


Rawrin' Tails
Be a dragon or dinosaur - and be careful with your tot cause they'll become Godzilla in a house of glass with this monstrous tail swinging about. Running with Scissors has a great tutorial on how to make the perfect dino-tail, but to really make the costume perfect, Zaira transforms this look to completion with spikes on a hoodie.


Classic Superhero
Superman, what? Instead of shopping at Party City, this mom found a seamstress to turn her tot into a well-dressed superhero. What a great way to boost your kiddo's confidence and wow the block because your kid's powers of imagination are stronger than any bully.


Foxy Trickster
We fell in love with Jess's photo set of her cheeky little boy. Running with Scissors does it again with a creative outfit that's perfect for those who are lucky to have warm, breezy falls (or just adjust using warmer fabric for colder homes). With a little dye, needle and thread, you can have your own fantastic fox!


Fairy Magic
This outfit blows Tinkerbell out of the water, and it's completely home-made.While Lorajean may call herself a procrastinator, this fairy costume shows how sometimes last minute ideas can turn out magical. Your little ones' wings will make anyone turn their heads in envy, and thanks to Lorajean, we know how to make them.


Little Bag of Gold
We know your babe is absolutely priceless, but maybe this Halloween you can express how much they mean to you. Have daddy or yourself dress in all-black as you carry your most expensive item around. We think this is one burglary that people might let you get away with!


Work the Robo
Turn your little buddy into the coolest kid on the block, and you don't have to worry about him getting lost into the night when his costume lights up! Angela of Love Sweet Love protected her son in silver gear and lights by making him a robot! Caution from mom: Outfit can get heavy, so daddy might have to carry him from house to house.


Sock Monkey
Made from a sweater at a thrift store, this Sock Monkey outfit will turn your little one into the most adorable thing at your Halloween party. From the hat to scarf to even the little coverings on her hands and feet, this outfit is going to be one that you might want to keep beyond October.


Up, up and Away
Whether it's a tribute to Amelia Earhart with a combination of Up, or sheer genius creativity, this maiden voyage will literally take breathes away. It's a costume that you can put together without too much trouble, but your friends' jaws will still be on the floor.


Happy Feet
This penguin was originally a part of the Mary Poppins' trio, but who's to say your tot can't just be happy to flip and flop with orange feet? We love how fluffy and comfortable this babe looks in her costume. She's so softly padded, she might bounce right back up after a tumble! Click here for an amazing tutorial by Ashley.


Sweet Tooth Machine
You know how your kiddo is always asking for the 25 cents (well now it's almost a dollar!) for some candy? Why not take that favorite moment and turn it into a costume! Mom blogger Brooke Reynolds shows us a creative way to make your kid into a walking candy machine. As if they aren't already sugared up enough.gumball1

For the moms and dads that want something on the edge, here's something a little more creepy than crawly. With a little wig, makeup and suit, your tot can join you as a puppet partner. And if they're especially quiet and still, you might be able to fool your friends when they ask, "Is it real?"


Red Riding Hood
Yes this came from a storybook, but since it has yet to be to hit the shelves with a set look, we think you could get super creative like this mom. The costume isn't a one-time deal either - we're sure you'd love to dress your little girl in that cape and apron (especially when she wants to help bake) anytime!


Pair of Aces
How about a No Sew costume for the parents who don't feel confident with the needle? This would look particularly cute with a family of four or five if you want to include the whole royal family. Made from pillowcases and iron-on transfers, this costume will look store-bought, but cost so much less!


Cookie Sandwich
Nom, nom, we always pretend to eat our little ones, so this costume may bring you to your limit. It's a simple costume design that you could do at home. The best part is after Halloween, you can separate the cookies and turn them into chair cushions!


Old School Knight
This is the ultimate traditional-style costume. We all know how a cardboard box can spark any kid's imagination, and this one way to do it. Work together with your kiddo to create a charming knight or pretty pony.


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