Boy Asks Strangers for Help in Kidnapping Social Experiment

Kidnapping Experiment Kidnapping Experiment Young Yousef Saleh Erakat created a social experiment where he appeared to be trying to escape a kidnapper. As the hidden camera rolled, a shaken Erakat ran up to total strangers begging for help telling them that a man was trying to "take him." The array of reactions is surprising. A few believed the kidnapper's claims that the boy is his son, while one woman went so far as to pepper spray him. While you would hope in your heart that everyone would come to the aid of the child, not everyone does. So this brings us to Andre.

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Andre was one of the people who believed that the child was in danger and he -- literally -- leapt to the boy's defense. He kept the "kidnapper" physically away from Eraket, handed him his phone so he could call his mom, and was totally engaged in keeping Eraket safe.

This is the kind of man you would want your child to run to if they were in peril. Not the guy on the corner who shakes the "kidnapper's" hand, after handing the boy over. But the strangers who helped are truly inspiring to watch.

Why did Eraket do this experiment in the first place?

"I would get home early from school and sit on my front lawn until my parents came home because I felt like someone was inside my house waiting for me," Erakat wrote. "This video was a way for me to express that fear in an artistic way, and also, spread positive change as to why it is important to act when put into these types of situations."

He could not be more right -- it's an important message for both kids and adults. Kids need to turn to adults if they are in trouble, and as adults, we need to listen, act and protect them. Eraket's social experiment is difficult to watch, even knowing that he is just pretending. But the reactions aren't fake. They are real. And that's what is scary. I would have loved to have seen ALL the adults acting like Andre, but at least there are some people out there like him.

Let's hear it for Andre!

Check out the video below. What would you do?

-Photo Credit: YouTube

-By: Sunny Chanel

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