New BPA Danger: Miscarriage Link

(Newser) - The latest reason to stay far, far away from BPA: A new study links exposure to the chemical to an increased risk of miscarriage during pregnancy.

Women were tested during early pregnancy, and those with the highest levels of bisphenol A in their blood had an 80% higher chance of miscarrying in the first trimester than those with the lowest levels of the chemical, LiveScience reports. It's just the latest study linking BPA to reproductive problems, not to mention other issues.

Of course, the study didn't actually prove causation: It could be that another factor, common to the women with the highest BPA levels, is to blame for the increased risk.

A study researcher is quick to point out that "lots of women with detectable [BPA] levels have healthy babies," but still recommends pregnant women try to reduce their exposure to the chemical-which is found in everything from canned food to plastic bottles to receipts. BPA is similar to estrogen in its structure, so it's possible that it's disrupting hormone signaling inside the body.

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