'Brave's' Kickass, Arrow-Shooting Princess Merida Makes Her Disney World Debut!

Princess Merida of the upcoming Pixar flick 'Brave' has started making appearances at Disney World-and not a moment too soon!

-Lucia Peters, BettyConfidential.com

Princess Merida IRLPrincess Merida IRL

We've spoken many a time here at BettyConfidential about how psyched we are for the cinematic debut of Merida, the upcoming Pixar film Brave's warrior princess extraordinaire. We're still not sure why it took Pixar so long to develop a film with a female lead, but Merida is all kinds of awesome, so if we had to wait so long, at least we were waiting for something good! And hey, guess what? The arrow-shooting princess has started making appearances at Disney World!

Though her official meet-and-greet location isn't quite ready yet-rumor has it that if all goes well, it will open later in the month-the flame-haired Scot has begun showing up at Disney World's EPCOT park for a few test runs. She's mostly been a roaming character, taking visitors by surprise and engaging in a bit of lively banter. Want to see some videos of Merida in action? Of course you do. Here's one.

And here's another, played by a different actress.

(Credit goes to the lovely ladies at The Mary Sue for spotting these!)

The second Merida seems a little more in line with the character we've seen in the film's trailers; she's got a bit of the firecracker thing going that the first one hasn't quite nailed down yet. These are minor quibbles, though, because I mean, really: Do they look great, or do they look great? It's good to see that Disney as finally mastered the art of making a character look larger than life, but still like a person. That's probably the best Disney princess wig I've ever seen.

And when Merida's meet-and-greet location is ready, we're in for something special indeed. In Disney World, she'll be hanging out in the Fairytale Garden in Fantasyland, while in Disneyland, she'll stake her claim not too far away from "It's a Small World." In contrast to the standard Disney princess meet-and-greet-which, to be honest, isn't terribly exciting-Merida's version will be a little more action-packed: According to Attractions Magazine, guests will engage in archery lessons and other presumably heroic activities until it's their turn to meet her. Who else is glad that we've finally got a princess who's a fighter-and who was expressly written without a love interest to boot? Awesome role model? We think so!

If all goes well, Merida will be arriving at her permanent homes in each park by the end of the month. Brave hits cinemas on June 22, where she'll be voiced by Kelly MacDonald-and we can't wait!

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