Bristol Palin and The Situation get awkward about sex

Okay, listen, I am all for any kind of announcement that helps teens understand their options when it comes to sex, but seriously, using Bristol Palin and The Situation together in an ad for abstinence and safe sex? C'mon. These two make as much sense together as pickles and pearls, which is to say, ew.

Could it get any more convoluted and awkward? I'm not faulting the players here, God knows Bristol is pretty great about keeping poised under duress, while The Situation is generally good about not barfing in public, but let's face it: this ad makes no sense. These people shouldn't even be in a room together, much less a faux-backstage, talking in strange, pun-laden circles about mankind's most intimate act.

So what, exactly, are we supposed to be getting from this PSA? That the word "situation" can be said 15 times in under two minutes? That anyone would call anyone "Sitch" or "B. Palin"? That under that white suit, Mike is packing a Magnum? I don't know, but all I can tell you is that I'd like to have my brain cleaned now. For real, for real, for real.