Is Your Child Transgender?

From age two, Danann, who was born boy, insisted she was a girl.

Danann's parents looked for help, asking a pediatrician, "Is this normal?" And they received a common response, "Oh, it's just a phase."

After going to many different doctors and therapists, it was a relief to finally get a diagnosis, that she is transgendered.

It wasn't until Danann was 6 and was making threats to end her life, that her parents helped her make the transition to living as a girl. Once we made the transition, says Danann's mom, Sarah, "It was like night and day… a totally different child."

Now at age 8, Danann tells Anderson in this exclusive web clip how happy she is to finally be her true self...

Deciding to raise a transgender child -- check out this extended clip from "Anderson"...

If your child insisted he or she was in the wrong body, would you understand?