Chuck E. Cheese's Brawl Ruins Children's Birthday

A massive brawl erupted at a Long Island Chuck E. Cheese's on Saturday evening—not between kids, but adults.

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The fight, which occurred at the eatery located in Commack, was captured on a camera phone and shows a group of adults pushing and shoving one another.

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One woman held a baby while pushing another woman with her free arm. A young girl was seen trying to pull back one adult. A manager also tried to separate the angry women.
A spokesperson for Chuck E. Cheese's said they are working with police so they could not provide specific details about the incident and could not confirm the cause of the argument. She emailed Yahoo! Shine the following statement:

"The store manager and employees acted quickly, followed proper safety procedures and contained the incident until local on-duty officers arrived. We want to assure parents and caregivers that we take great measures to protect the experience children and families have in our stores.... Despite our efforts, unfortunately altercations occur with a very small percentage of those who visit Chuck E. Cheese’s. And like kids’ soccer and baseball games across our country, typically the incidents are not with the kids—but regrettably the parents.  For us, even one altercation is too many. Maintaining a wholesome, safe experience that sets a standard across our more than 560 locations is of utmost importance to Chuck E. Cheese’s, and we will never stop working to improve how we operate our business."
A representative from the Suffolk County Police also told Yahoo! Shine: “We have confirmed that a pocketbook was stolen. We’re investigating the incident, which occurred on Jericho Turnpike in Commack. It was reported at 6:51 p.m.”

The children’s entertainment chain has been plagued by violence before. In March, the New York Daily News reported that a Florida-based Chuck E. Cheese's was the scene of an 18-person fight which led to a shooting and three arrests after two men “exchanged words.” 

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