A Circus-Themed Birthday Party for Kids

PinwheelWhen a friend's daughter requested a big top-themed birthday, Lexy Ward of The Proper Pinwheel promised to make the circus come to town. The Denver-based party planner and blogger covered all the details, from the handmade pinwheel backdrop to the buttercream-frosted cake.

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Budget or blowout?
Budget. Everything was pulled together for under $100. Plates and invites came from the craft store dollar bin. For Ring of Fire cupcakes, Ward bent sparkly pipe cleaners to mimic hoops and topped each with a lion. She loaded goodie bags with Mary Janes, saltwater taffy, and other nostalgic candy, then sealed the tops with glitter-dipped clothespins.

How to Throw a Woodland Birthday Party

Zebra Mask and Nostalgic SodaBet they loved all the sweets. Did that lead to any sugar-addled beasts?
The menu was tempered with crates of strawberries and Mason jars filled with radishes and carrot sticks.

Any tightrope walkers?
No, the entertainment was all low-key. Animal masks were placed at each setting (seen left) and let the kids show off their antics for the camera in front of the striped backdrop.

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