Cirque du Spooky: Last-minute Costume Tips for Kids from Cirque du Soleil

Halloween will be here quicker than you can say "Trick or Treat!" but are you-and your kids-ready? We've found a few favorite resources to help you save money, flex your creativity, and assemble a show-stopping ensemble for your little pumpkin.

We also decided-over the loudly ticking clock-that as Halloween draws closer, it's time to bring in the experts and get some special pointers from those who eat, sleep and breathe costuming. So we went straight to the wardrobe department at Cirque du Soleil to bring you these last-minute, DIY tips for kids' Halloween costumes with, heh, teeth.

Kids of All Ages

  • Bunch of grapes: Take purple, green or red pajamas and cover them with round balloons of the same color. Make two large leaves out of paper and attach them to two sides of a brown or green cap to make the stem.
  • Bubble gum on a shoe: Take a pink hoodie, sew a flip flop on the top of the hood and call yourself bubble gum stuck on a shoe. Chew bubble gum, of course, and girls can even add pink blush.
  • Picnic: Find a red-and-white checkered shirt. Tack on paper plates, plastic utensils and a plastic cup to the back like a place setting. Add sunglasses, a basket and/or a hotdog.
  • Bouquet of flowers: Take a colorful hoodie and attach silk or plastic flowers and greenery all over it like a flower arrangement. Tie some cellophane or brown paper around the hips with an index card (gift card) sticking out.

(Above tips courtesy RuBen Permel, head of wardrobe at Cirque du Soleil's new Elvis show-as yet untitled-which opens December 2009 at Aria Resort & Casino at CityCenter in Las Vegas.)

  • Mummy: Wrap rolls of gauze around the child, leaving plenty of room around the mouth and eyes for them to breathe and see. Be sure that no long strings of gauze are dragging behind them that could cause them to trip or get snagged.

(Above tip courtesy Jack Ricks, Head of Wardrobe at Zumanity at New York New York Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.)

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