Confession: My Kids Eat Better Than I Do

Kids eating healthy.
By Jen Mueller for SparkPeople

I've blogged about my kids' diets many times in the past. I try hard to provide them with good, wholesome meals. Fruit, vegetables, low-fat dairy and lean meats are the norm in my house. My kids have treats, but in moderation, so overall, I feel pretty good about how they eat. Interestingly, I can't say that my or my husband's diet lives up to quite the same standard. According to a new online poll, we're not alone.

My kids get vegetables with lunch and dinner every day. If they want seconds of their meal, they have to finish their veggies first. I do eat vegetables with dinner every day, but with lunch, not so much. My kids drink organic milk, but my husband drinks regular. He doesn't care either way, so I buy him regular to save money. My kids get "dessert" on occasion, but it's usually just on the weekends. It's not unusual for my husband and I to eat something sweet after the kids go to bed, whether it's the weekend or not. My husband has a habit of grabbing a handful of M&M's just as we're about to sit down at the dinner table. Would I let my kids do that? Of course not.

I think part of the issue is that I put so much effort into what my kids eat that when it comes to my own diet, I get a little lazy. Overall, my diet is pretty healthy and I think I'm a good example for my kids. But if you break down our day, my diet is definitely not as good as what my kids are eating on a regular basis. According to an online poll from, 47% of moms surveyed said their kids eat healthier than they do.

What easy things can you to do improve your diet to be more like your kid's? I've started eating things like vegetable soup at lunch to incorporate more veggies into that meal. I try planning ahead for my snacks just like I do with theirs, to make sure I have some healthy options that sound good to eat. And I've also started limiting my desserts a little more, since the less sugar I eat, the less I seem to crave it. My kids are very perceptive, so even if I'm not eating cookies in front of them, they see the bag in the pantry and know it's there.

Do your kids eat better than you do? If so, why do you think that's the case?

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