Crafty mamas can try making...a DIY color book for little ones

Photo Credit: www.makeandtakes.comPhoto Credit: www.makeandtakes.comChildren are fascinated by colors and when they're finally able to discern things like red from orange and blue from purple, they reach a whole new level of curiosity.

There are plenty of board books about colors that you can buy, but they often don't have images of objects your kids would be able to identify with on a daily basis. Really, how often does your kid see a bright orange wheelbarrow?

I love this Color Book idea from the blog, Make and Takes. First, snap photos of objects from your home that are of a specific color (a tomato for the color red, a basketball for orange, grass for green, etc.) Insert them in a simple photo album such as the kind you'd find in the dollar bin at Target. Then just label the photos with their color. You can also make simple picture books that are dedicated to one single color or activity. For more ideas and instructions, go check out this post.

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