Crafty mamas help their kids make...a Yoda finger puppet

Photo Credit: starwars.comPhoto Credit: always shows off the cutest DIY projects, like these felt light saber pencil holders I wrote about last summer.

My kid saw the photo of this Yoda finger puppet (thanks Auntie Jessica!), so it's been added to an ongoing list of summer vacation projects he wants to complete.

The little Yoda puppet is especially fun to make because it requires very few supplies and your kid could make most of it with adult supervision. (You can start teaching kids a simple sewing stitch when they're about five years old. Just use a blunt sewing needle -- it'll poke through felt but it won't prick their fingers.) And if you don't feel like sewing, you could easily use craft glue or a low-heat glue gun. Either way, crafty goodness all around.

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