Crafty mamas help their kids make...wooden robots

Photo Credit: www.craftycrow.comPhoto Credit: www.craftycrow.comBuzz Lightyear's in trouble. Who needs plastic, throwaway toys when your kids can make their own (and want to keep them forever)?

I'm smitten with these super cute wooden robots made by the proprietor of the blog, Crafty Crow. Just adorable. And pretty simple to make -- even for a kid.

She and her children used assorted pieces from a pack of Woodsies, metallic acrylic paint, glue and some other simple accessories to create a little robot fleet. The final touch is a coat of Mod Podge to give the robots a nice sheen. Check out more photos for inspiration.

The robots also would be a cute decoration in a kid's room or even a fun birthday gift for school friends.

And I bet it would make for a very cool birthday party activity for little guests. Hmmmm.