Creative Potty Training: The outhouse

Photo Credit: tenfingerworkshop.blogspot.comPhoto Credit: tenfingerworkshop.blogspot.comWhen you undertake the potty training adventure, everything about it has to be EXCITING. And FUN. And OH. MY. GAW! You are wearing (insert obnoxious movie/cartoon/toy character) UNDIES!

You know it.

But it's a challenging process (for most parents) and moms and dads are always coming up with new ways to get their kids to be diaper free. And also maintain parental sanity.

This potty outhouse idea, courtesy of Ten Finger Workshop, is one of the cutest potty training ideas I've seen. She created a cardboard outhouse complete with the moon carve-out on the front "door."

Open it up and there's the kid's throne.

It's pretty easy to replicate without directions. You'll just need a box or pieces of cardboard you can assemble into a little house; kid-friendly paint so your child can help you decorate; and scissors or a craft knife for creating the outhouse openings.

[via Crafty Crow]