Cute Garden Utensils...Because It's Not Just Boys Who Can Be Picky Eaters

There are plenty of clever eating utensils for little boys who are picky about their food. They've got cool airplanes, and bulldozers, to stackable LEGO forks and knives. But what about the little girls who aren't really interested in bulldozing food in their mouth or piecing together LEGO utensils at the table?

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If your daughter is a girly girl who digs flowers and fairytale gardens, check out this kids' Garden Plate and Utensils set. Yes, that's a fork, bite-sized hoe and shovel to help her scoop up her dinner. I bet she'll have fun with it, and I apologize in advance if she literally starts shoveling her food down her mouth. But hey, at least she's eating!

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