Daddy Dish: Rick Springfield on parenting mistakes, child stars and how to raise a gentleman

You lose track of time when you're talking to Rick Springfield, especially when it's a subject he loves. (He's kind of dreamy, so you want to talk for a long time.) And he really loves his two sons, and loves being a dad.

A few months ago I posted part one of a video interview I did with Rick Springfield where we chatted about his new children's lullaby album, "My Precious Little One." Since then, I've been trying to whittle down the rest of the video into a single "part 2," but I spent an hour with the guy and seriously, I've been having trouble paring down the footage because I want to share it all.

So. I'm posting three video clips where Rick talks about child stars, raising a gentleman, Rick's rookie parenting moves, and the difference he sees in parenting now versus back in the day. (We met at a coffee shop in his hood in Malibu; please pardon the background noise.) To view part one of the interview, click here.


(Side note: I'll be posting some outtakes and snippets about other random things we talked about on my personal blog.)

Part 2 of 4: Rick Springfield talks about child stars and raising a gentleman

Part 3 of 4: Rick Springfield talks about funny parenting rookie moves

Part 4 of 4: Rick Springfield talks about changes in parenting styles