Danger for Daughters

Way back in 1984, as a very young pretty woman, I was kidnapped in Texas.

This was before Amber Alerts and Missing persons postings.

My parents did not even report me missing. The man who did this turned out to be a serial killer.

He stole my car then abandoned it. He tried to strangle me and I played dead. He broke my bones by hitting me with a heavy metal flashlight. He also beat up my small daughter.

Then I got away from him. I ran and two men from Grapevine, Texas put a gun on him and took me to their place and called my parents.

I had severe mental problems for many years due to all this one man's abuse.

It was almost impossible for me to get away from him. I even blamed myself for all that happened when it was never my fault. Later, I went into many other jobs in Nursing and teaching.

What ever happened to him? His name was Christopher. He was beheaded in a car accident in California. There is a G-d.
This is why I am so concerned when a person goes missing. Please help your local law persons. They cannot be everywhere all the time. To this day, I have many scars but the ones inside healed. Abuse can cause problems for many years.
Brenda Winters in Texas