Dear Dads: The Worst Thing to Say to Your Pregnant Wife

It's hard to be an expecting father. No, not as hard as it is to carry the thing for all those months. and don't even mention the getting the baby out part. But that doesn't mean Dads don't have their own special crosses to bear in the pregnancy period.

A big problem for Dads to be: lack of information. This results in general cluelessness, which then results in shame about the cluelessness, and fear of admitting the cluelessness…and so the cycle begins. While women are reading up on every detail of the momentous changes that are going on inside their very own bodies, Dads are stuck on the sidelines, perhaps leafing idly through the pages of a pregnancy guidebook and getting too freaked out to continue. Or perhaps, ignoring the entire thing and hoping it will all just be absorbed by osmosis by the time the baby is born.

Dad-to-Be Tip #1: Don't Ever Say "We're Pregnant."

That, of course, is because you, yourself are NOT pregnant. Not in the barfing from the smell of everything, unable to sit through a movie without a pee break, feeling like there's a foot pressing on your pubic bone at all times sense. You are both Expecting, but you are not both Pregnant. The Royal We is not applicable to physical conditions.

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