Dear Diary: I bought a Christmas October

We have a family rule in casa crazedparent: No talking about Christmas until after Halloween. No questions about what behavior Santa is watching. No official list making (the boys have notebooks where they do keep track on their own). We could try to push it until after Thanksgiving, but it would be near impossible since everywhere you look in November, it's Christmas-a-go-go.

My kids are doing a great job sticking to the rules this year. And so am I. I'm not talking about Christmas. But yes, I will admit to buying a Christmas present this week. It was a product I knew would be long gone had I waited until November.

I'm relieved that I won't have to do a frantic search for this particular LEGO set in a few weeks. It'll be safely tucked away in a certain holiday hiding spot. Yet there's a little piece of me that's disappointed because I fell prey to the trap of Christmas October.

Are you guilty of Christmas shopping already? When do you start?