Dear Santa: Top Wishes from Moms

What do you want from Santa this year?They carefully craft their letters to Santa, and then slip the correspondence into the mailbox to the North Pole, hoping something very special will be waiting for them on Christmas morning in return. And they're not just wishing for a little more sleep (although, that would be nice); these moms need clones, clean minivans, and the seemingly-unattainable peace between parents and teenagers. Yes, even moms believe in Santa and are writing their own letters to the big guy in red this season. Even if it's been a couple of decades since your last letter up to the North Pole, what do you wish St. Nick would bring you for Christmas?

"If not an elf or a reindeer, how about giving me a clone? There seems to be so many clones of you all over the world; could you do the same for me and please clone me? I could be in many different places all at once, so I could get everything that needs to be done, well, done?" - Lyn Brooks, One Mother's Dear Santa

"Santa Claus, I bet your sleigh is clean and shiny. I know, because you aren't a mom. Sure, you pack your vehicle full on Christmas Eve, but I bet by January it is cleaned out, washed up, and looking brand new again. Just for a little while, I'd like my minivan to be sparkling clean and look like new, too." - Tavia Fuller Armstrong, Dear Santa: What One Mom Wants for Christmas

"After having a baby and then losing all of the baby weight (and then some), almost all of my clothing no longer fits. I have been reduced to wearing leggings over and over again. Not only do I want new clothing, but I also want to go to the mall by myself. I'm sick of online shopping." - Melissa Matters, This Mom Wants to Be on Santa's "Nice" List

"My three kids, after years of practice, still can't remember to hang up their towels after they take a bath.""My three kids, after years of practice, still can't remember to hang up their towels after they take a bath.""Santa, I've got a problem, and I'm sure with a little bit of prodding in the right direction, the dears could find a solution to a problem that causes my hair to turn white, my face to turn blue (from all the talking I do, for what it's worth), and my eyes to turn red. The overall picture, while it might seem colorful in a patriotic sort of way, is ugly. My three kids, after years of practice, still can't remember to hang up their towels after they take a bath. If you could perhaps rig up a giant fan, like the kind they use in car washes, we could simply install that in the bathroom and blast the water off of them after they bathe, removing the need for towels altogether." - Kimberly Morgan, Kids Forgot to Hang Up Their Towels, Again?

"I know you keep an eye on all the kids to find out whether they've been naughty or nice. I was hoping that you might just give me a little update on the things that go on with my teenage daughter. Particularly, the things I don't yet know about. Just a short e-mail would be great. If you would've brought just a lump of coal, well, now would be the optimal time to give me this information." - Angela Woods, Dear Santa: A Mother's Short Wish List

"Every mother needs wine. It's in the rule book. But sometimes, it's a pain to go out and buy a bottle, especially when the thought of hauling all of your kids to the store means you'll end up buying an extra bottle of wine just to cope with that experience. Resolution? A keg of wine under the kitchen sink that comes right up through the faucet spray nozzle you don't even use anyway." - Jennifer Sale, Five Things This Mom Wants for Christmas

"I want stuff, too, Santa. So much stuff. Not that I am materialistic, so yes, include me in the world peace wish, but we, as adults, are kids, too. I want new clothes, an iPad, a gift card to a spa, and maybe a new car. I'd be lying if I didn't mention any of that." - Julie Wimmer, Dear Santa, Mom Has Wishes, Too!

"My Christmas wish is for peace on Earth. Wait, scratch that, first things first. For now, I ask for peace between two powerful alliances, the Misunderstood Teenagers and the Unappreciated Moms. Both groups have been well established since the beginning of mankind; yet they have never seen eye-to-eye. Santa, if you can somehow find a way for them to realize that they want the same thing, each others' happiness, then maybe peace on Earth wouldn't be far behind." - Michelle Scaplen, A Christmas Wish List from a Mom with Teens

"On many occasions, I've been embarrassed by the things my kids say to people. (I'm sure you know exactly what I'm talking about here.) Don't get me wrong, Santa, my kids don't try to be rude. They just lack the filtering capability that comes with age and maturity. And every time my husband and I think that we're done explaining what not to say to people, another offhanded remark manages to escape the innocent lips of one of our children. It sure would be nice if I had a mute button for times like this. Santa, I know that this is probably an extremely difficult wish to grant, but it sure would make my job as a mom a whole lot easier!" - Kristie Farnham, Mom's Letter to Santa