Deciding your family size

Photo Credit: Getty ImagesPhoto Credit: Getty ImagesSome couples are destined to have a large family. My parents say they always knew they wanted to have four kids. Some how it just worked out that they'd have twins and two more children.

Me? I'm not buying into any thoughts that that "four is the new two." (Seriously, you must read this story). Two is good...for my family size.

I found the article "More or less," in the current issue of Cookie magazine, fascinating as four women were profiled discussing why they chose to have -- or not have -- a certain number of kids. From deciding on no children to three children, you read through their thought processes and can completely understand. And in some cases, relate. I'll even admit that the story, Three, by Deborah Copaken Kogan, made me tear up. (It was this part about her husband: "Being a father, he said, was the thing he loved best; he wanted another chance to prove he could do it right.")

How did you decide how many children you want in your family?