Dental Surgery Turns Girl into a Wizard (and a Viral Video Star)

You know what doesn't get old? Drugged-up dentist videos.

This was proven at the dawn of the viral video era, when a boy named David asked his dad on the way home from the dentist, "Is this real life?"

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Now three years later, a new anesthetized star is born. Last month a North Carolina teenager posted a video shot by her mom on the way home from the dentist, after a wisdom tooth extraction. Still recovering from the anesthesia, the teenager becomes convinced she's living inside of a Harry Potter book.

"Hogwarts. I go to Hogwarts. I'm a wizard. I forgot! I bet they put a spell on me," she warbles, cotton-mouthed.

It's not over. She exacts an elaborate plan for revenge on those dentists who cast the spell. "'We gotta get them back," she pleads with her mom. "We gotta get revenge. I have my lightsaber."

What is it about the human brain, post-surgery that's so endlessly entertaining? 'Going under', as they say, is close to being a coma, so coming out of it can trigger different parts of the brain to wake up at different times. A recent study into after-effects of anesthesia, proved that more primitive parts of the brain-the limbic system, and thalamus-come to before the "higher order conscious activity." Roughly speaking, you're making a fool of yourself and you don't even know it. Comedy gold.

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It takes a pretty self-assured teenager to risk high school mortification by posting her subconscious silliness online. Her bravery payed off.

After uploading the video to her own YouTube channel, it was shared on Tumblr, posted on Jezebel, and eventually exploded like a star into the annals of viral super-fame. Over 200,000 viewers have watched it online. This week, Jimmy Kimmel aired it on his late night show. Better yet, she's a sensation in her school. Earlier this week, a classmate who saw the video on TV, tweeted: "I take biology with a famous person... #winning."

As for what happened to little David, he was featured in a Super Bowl commercial and has resumed his real life in Florida.

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