Diaper Bags That Look Great—And Not at All Like Diaper Bags

There's no reason why diaper bags have to be clunky and unattractive. You look good, your baby is gorgeous, so why not carry around a bag that's just as stylish as the two of you do? Check out a these functional and fashionable diaper bags we found. You might even be tempted to carry them when traveling solo.

Yes, this really is a diaper bag. From handbag queen Kate Spade comes this super stylish striped diaper bag that features stroller straps and a coordinating changing pad. image
This canvas and patent leather diaper bag has it all: a built in changing station, water resistant removable lining, stroller straps, two interior bottle pockets and two exterior pockets. image
Yak Pak's Plaid Allie Tote is a construction miracle. It's made from resilient nylon, which ensures the bag will remain sturdy and hole-free throughout your baby's diapering years. The roomy interior guarantees you'll be able to fit everything inside. All this in pretty plaid packaging.
We like thie Go GaGa Slide Tote Bag because it's a great option for both moms and dads. Made from 72% post consumer recycled fabric, this bag has stroller straps, insulated bottle pockets and an adjustable fabric strap that ensures comfort no matter how you wear it.