The Disturbing Ways Women Are Shown in Media

When Jennifer Siebel Newsom was pregnant with her first daughter, she realized that it was hard to find any female role models that her daughter could eventually look up to. There were powerful, strong, and independent women all around her, Jennifer observed, but they weren't portrayed that way in the media. In fact, there was a huge disconnect - there are many women in positions of power and influence making a difference in the world, but in the media, women are most often reduced to sexual beings, with looks being more important than anything else.

So Jennifer decided to do something about it. She made a documentary called "Miss Representation," which addresses these issues and features interviews with successful women from all walks of life. In this clip from "The Jeff Probst Show," Jennifer tells special guest Yvette Nicole Brown why she made this documentary, and what she hopes viewers take from it.

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