Do I look baby-fat in these jeans? Skinny jeans for toddlers on the rise

Sure they look cute, but on a 2-year-old?Sure they look cute, but on a 2-year-old?Listen, to be honest, I've been pretty over this whole skinny jeans thing for a while now. For one, the only people who can really rock them are prepubescent teenage girls or models. For two, the people I most often see rocking them (myself included) are a far cry from prepubescent teenage girls or models. And now, according a recent post in the Wall Street Journal, even toddlers are being forced into this anorexia-inducing fashion trend.

Yes, that's right, skinny jeans for toddlers. Because that makes sense. I can only imagine what the fashionista moms were thinking when they bought these.

-Extra definition in the diaper area?


-Hard to walk in?


-Designed to turn a baby-chub-shedding bundle into something resembling a troubled teen?

-Check, but skip the milk for a week if you want her to be able to wear the dark ones with crotch whiskering to her playdate with Lindsay Lohan.

Okay, but seriously: Where are we going with this, people? The mom interviewed in the Wall Street Journal about her wholehearted buy into this trend didn't seem to know or care, as long as the jeans looked "cute" on her three-year-old. Meanwhile, an executive at the Gap chimed in with wisdom like, "Fashion-right clothes are really adorable the smaller they get." According to one Old Navy execs interviewed for the piece, kids and adult fashion are a natural fit (yes, that's me being sarcastic) because "many moms are more willing to be fashion-forward with their young children than with themselves."

Oh, stop the freaking madness already.

Listen, I know that there are moms who will defend to the death their right to dress their kid anyway they want to. And they are right. To them I say: If that's your priority, so be it. But also be aware that adults wear skinny jeans because they're about as crotch-highlighting and sexualized as you can go without pulling a Lady Gaga, so unless you've got a naturally skinny kids, when you're putting your kids in skinny jeans, you're putting them in an outfit that sexualizes them. And yes, that can look very "cute." But it can also be very creepy.