Do you ever get tired of your kids climbing all over you? This mama does [video]

by Jessica Ashley, Shine staff

There are two things I never could have anticipated before I became a mother. The first is that I never thought I'd respond so often to "Look! Look!", dozens if not millions of times a day. The second is that my body would become a jungle gym.

Being swung from, hiked over, summited, spun around, spit up on, wiped off on, scaled, slid down, poked, pinched, and even snuggled can take a toll. I am a lovey-dovey, affectionate, and even playful mama, for sure. I carried my child in a sling for years -- not months...years. I happily play soccer and chase and I insist on big hugs and cuddles on my lap. But there was a time when I really thought the most physical part of parenting would be hoisting a leggy child on to my shoulders. Who knew it would be so incredibly much more than that? Who knew it could be so joyous and so...well, exhausting.

It's not easy embodying the playground for your antsy kid. Just ask this mama elephant who apparently feels the (literal and figurative) weight of her baby and is not so enthused about it. And just because you may be a little worn of your own little monkey, here a few other adorable elephant videos that might just make you awww.

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