Do You Have Mommy Cards?

I should probably start by asking if you know what mommy cards are. If not, think back to those time when you met a really cool mom at the playground then had to dig around in your diaper bag for a pen and paper to exchange contact info with her. Now imagine if all you had to was reach into your wallet and hand her one of your mommy cards. Smart, huh?

Mommy cards are basically like business cards for moms. You can have them printed with your name, your kids name(s) and your contact info so whenever you meet a new mommy friend, it's easy for her to keep in touch with you.

I will admit, the idea of mommy cards totally makes sense in my head. How many random slips of paper with someone's contact info have you lost? But do most moms actually use these things? I don't frequent the playdate/playground circuit very often, so it's not really surprising I have yet to encounter them in real life. What about you? Have you ever been given a mommy card? Do you carry mommy cards? Tell us in the comments.

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