Do You Impose Your Childhood Dreams On Your Children?

Soccer MomSoccer MomWhen I was a kid I loved watching the Olympmics. During the Winter Olympics, I so desperately wanted to be an ice skater. They looked so graceful on the ice and made it look easy. During the Summer Olympics, I wanted to be a gymnast. I was always told I had the body of a gymnast, but it just wasn't in the cards. I was never very athletic. I have absolutely no hand/eye coordination. But I always dreamt of doing anythig athletic.

So, when I had kids, I signed them all up for soccer, baseball, gynastics, dance, basketball, volleyball, football and any other sport. I was determined to be sure my kids had the opportunity to be athletic. It became apparent quite quickly that some of my kids have it and some don't. Oh well! Being athletic was my dream and while it would have been nice, I have no plans to turn all 4 of my kids into Olympic athletes to fulfill my childhood dream.

I think it is important to let kids try everything out. I give my children all the opportunities to try new sports and activites. I encourage them to particpate in after school activities as another means to try out new things. If they do not like it, I will not force it. If they find that one thing that they are really passionate about, I will support them in every way possible (within reason.)

You Start it...

My only rule? If you start it, you finish it. Once my kids reach the age where they are choosing the activities for themselves, they have to finish what they start. If they start soccer, they finish that season. They are part of the team and the team is counting on them to be there. They do not have to take it again if they do not like it.

What childhood dreams did you have? Do your kids share your dreams? Do you impose your dreams on your children?

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