Don't Let Your Kid Swear Around My Kid!

What do you think about kids who swear? This mom knows a family that lets their kids swear as much as they want -- as long as they're at home. But it can be a big problem when friends come over and start picking up some of those four-letter words. This mom wrote an anonymous letter to vent her frustration over the issue:

Dear Mom of the Bleepin' Potty Mouth,

My son loves hanging out with your son, but when he comes home from a play date at your house he's got a whole new vocabulary, and we're not talking SAT words.

It shocked me when my 7-year-old came home and dropped the f-bomb after I asked him to do his homework. My goody two-shoes thinks "heck" is a swear word that will send you straight to h-e-double hockey sticks! So I asked him "where did you hear the F-word?" and he told me your son is allowed to curse as much as he wants to at home, as long as he doesn't when he's in school.

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Now you know I'm all for swearing like a sailor when the time is right (like at our moms' night out!) Let the f*#$s, a**-holes, name-your-expletives loose - it can definitely help let off a little steam. But it's called "adult" language for a reason. Kids shouldn't be saying this sh*% even if it's in the privacy of your home.

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Yes, our kids are exposed to bad language in music and TV and movies and even on the playground, and I respect that you'd rather have your son curse in front of you than when you're not around. But, I have to be effin' honest, I don't want my kid to become a potty mouth by association so can you please keep their play dates PG-rated at least until they graduate from elementary school!


The Mom Who Thinks Kids Shouldn't Cuss

Can you relate? What do you think about kids who swear? What would you say to the mom?

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