Dr.Seuss Is My Hero

When I was 21 years old I was pregnant with my first daughter. In the waiting room of my doctors office were some Dr.Seuss books. I had always liked "The Cat in the Hat" and so I was looking at them and inside there was a sign-up to get 2 of his books per month for a set fee. I thought that it was a good idea and signed-up. By the time I delivered I had 6 books that I had already started reading to my belly. I was in love with Dr.Seuss. I looked forward every month to getting those books which spoke to me in the most celebratory way. I chear for Horton as he says "a persons a person no matter how small" and for Yurtle the Turtle as he cries for his king to hear his voice from under the throne. I laugh as I finish reading "I had troubles in getting to Solla Sallew" and the character says "I know I will have troubles...but I bought a big bat....now my troubles will have trouble with me!"

The fact of the matter as I look at my three beautiful daughters and think about the day when they are too old to listen to Dr. Seuss, I am very sad. I love reading these books to my children. These books are written with a kind of bravery, love and fun that you don't often see. Every book has a message. Every book has something moral to say and says it in such a way that you can't help but to want to get up and celebrate that message.

So, the next time you sit down with your children to read please reach for a book that celebrates. It is the most fun you will ever have.