Easy, Awesome Spring Crafts for Kids

The weather is finally warming up and drying out which means your little ones probably have more energy than ever. Channel that extra spunk into some family fun with these easy, spring-themed crafts.

We've pulled some our favorites here for you but if you want to see the whole collection of over 30 craftsmake sure to click here.

Shirts with Sole craftShirts with Sole craft

Shirts withe Sole
Kids can create their own spring fashion lines by using shoe treads to stamp colorful designs onto their tees.

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20-Minute Kite
This stunningly simple kite design comes from Jonathan Socher of Molokai, Hawaii, who regularly builds these diminutive flyers with local school groups. Jonathan prides himself on being able to get 20 kids to make 20 kites in 20 minutes, though we're suggesting you make only enough for your household!

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Flip Flop CraftFlip Flop Craft

Fluffy Flip-Flops
These adorable slippers make it a cinch to slip into something cute and comfortable.

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Hungry, Hungry Frogs
Your kids can make this slaphappy magnetic frog game from materials you probably already have around the house.

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Dressed-Up Vase
Slip a felt "dress" over an empty plastic bottle for a vase that will rival the beauty of any bouquet.

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