Eight–Year Old Reminds Us Why it is so Great to Be Female

via: Redditvia: RedditEvery few years a new book comes out telling us why it sucks to be a woman. Wage gaps, glass ceilings, and, most of all, why in the United States, at least, its impossible to "have it all." Recently, a dad posted a note on Reddit, "My eight-year-daughter's unexpected response to a writing assignment" that reminds us is pretty great being female as well.

"We have veginas [sic]," writes the little girl in response to her teacher's query about why it's wonderful to be a girl. "We have jobs. We are creative. We have stuff that makes us preanet [sic]. We have milk in our bobes [sic]. We are smart. We have power."

Watching my husband scrape the barbecue to cook dinner, I'm amazed at how chill he looks. He's not inwardly seething about how he just put in a long day at work, stopped by our daughter's soccer game, and now has to flip burgers over a hot grill. He's just getting on with it. That's not to say women don't have a rougher road. A male executive has a new baby and it's a testament to testosterone, a woman executive going back to work with a newborn is cause for national debate. But it helps to remember what blessings we have, how far we've come, and that all the crazy busy-ness is otherwise known as "life."