Exclusive from Elle: What terrifies Beyoncé? Childbirth

It's hard to imagine Beyoncé Knowles afraid of anything. She gives off this strong, serious, take-no-prisoners vibe, all while looking flawlessly gorgeous and approachable. But can we hate her? Not a chance. Not even when she has some questionable fashion moments.

Butin the January issue of Elle, the R&B singer and actress reveals one big fear: childbirth. Says Mrs. Jay-Z, "...I saw my nephew being born. That traumatized me."

If I had witnessed a baby's birth prior to having my own kids, I think I would have been pretty freaked out as well. It's not pretty. Until you get that baby in your arms, of course.

Maybe Beyoncé needs to channel her alter ego, Sasha Fierce, to get past her labor and delivery angst because good grief, we know her baby with Jay-Z would be downright adorable. And imagine how Beyoncé would rock maternity clothes.

And when it comes to her marriage, Beyoncé admits she and Jay-Z have a "power struggle." But she digs it because it shows strength in character. Otherwise...she'd be bored. Guess what? We believe her.

Check out these snippets from her interview:

On marriage to Jay-Z: It's a power struggle. But if I didn't respect someone and they didn't have that strength, then I would be bored. I wouldn't be attracted to them."

On having kids: I'm terrified of having a child. "No way! I'm terrified of delivering a child because I saw my nephew being born. That traumatized me. I'm only 27. I've got time"

How her latest role, playing Etta James in "Cadillac Records," took an emotional toll on her personal life: "My mom had to leave the set. I don't normally curse. Maybe twice a year. I have to be really livid. Somebody saying things or scheduling something where I'm not in control. It was freeing, but it was also the most emotionally draining time of my life. Every day I would come home; my eyes would be completely swollen"

You can read more of the interview with Beyoncéover at Elle, where, yes, she looks flawlessly gorgeous.