Facebook for Your Unborn Kids…Like or Dislike?

Earlier this summer, I wrote about Facebook and how it's been my main source to get updates on who's trying to get pregnant, who just found out they're pregnant, and who just had a baby. So Facebook, being the all-knowing monster that it is, now has a new feature that allows proud parents-to-be to list their unborn kids on their personal profiles. Expectant parents can just go to the "Friends and Family" section under "Edit Profile" and add "Expected: Child."

I can see many of my friends and family using this feature, but me? I don't even bother adding my husband's or children's names to my profile. Call me lazy, but my "Friends" know who I'm married to and who my kids are, and I have no plans on making separate pages for the kids.

Even if I was pregnant I still don't think I would update my status as expecting. I would probably just share the news with a status update and an ultrasound picture…after my first trimester, of course.

What about you? Is this over-sharing? Like or dislike?