Family Nudity at Home: Yes or No?

By GalTimer Jessica Bolden
In a world where the human body is overly sexualized and a thing to keep completely private, I have to ask how children will learn to respect themselves and each other? I have often wondered why we as humans are so ashamed to show our bodies in the nude. I understand there are a lot of religious theories on this and I am not saying I agree or disagree. However, with the naked body being taboo and a thing to lust after, children have no way of learning how to appreciate the way they are made.

I don't think we should all run around naked, but at least make it seem more natural and acceptable. Obviously there are times when nudity is not appropriate, like when there is company around, but we are instilling shame and embarassment in our children by making them feel bad about being naked.

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That being said, my husband and I are freely naked most of the time, as is our three-year-old child. We are NEVER sexual around our child, nor are we intimate with each other at any time when our child can see. We simply don't mention the nudity, and we don't say that it is wrong. By doing this, we hope to make our child comfortable in his own body and respectful of the fact that everyone is different. He understands the differences between men and women and we hope that he will grow up realizing that his body is nothing to be ashamed of and that he shouldn't judge anyone else by their bodies.

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I understand that this may be very controversial, and my parenting style may become a thing of debate, but it's just the way we are. I don't want to join a nudist colony, but my little three person family will enjoy our semi-nudist values in the privacy of our home.

My question for you. Are you comfortable being nude or allowing your child to be nude in the privacy of your home?

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