Favorite teen romance novels: Fifteen by Beverly Cleary

I'm not quite sure what got me to thinking about this book today but when I did, I remembered nearly every detail. My favorite teen romance novel? Fifteen by Beverly Cleary.

The photo of the book jacket is what it looked like back in my day (and fancy that, you can buy it on eBay). But now it has a pop vibe with no character images. But the story is the same. Sweet, innocent 15-year-old Jane Purdy falls for the new guy on campus, Stan. He asks her out, she's insecure, they kiss, he gives her his ID bracelet and then they're going steady. Here's my favorite part: they drive in his truck and she gets all sentimental when a song comes on the radio: "Waiting for a Girl Like You" by Foreigner. And her heart, of course, melts along with that of every single sappy girl in her early teens who read the book in the late '80s.

The book was originally published in 1956 but they clearly update the time-sensitive portions of the storyline. I wonder what song plays in Stan's truck now?

Your turn. What is/was your favorite teen romance novel? And moms of late tweens/early teenage girls, what are they reading? (if they're not online).