Do You Feel Bad for Halle Berry?

halle berry

Let me start by saying that Halle Berry is hands-down my favorite person in Hollywood. I love her.

So yesterday when I read that she was ordered to pay her ex $20,000/month in child support, I felt like someone had just ordered ME to pay that much. $20k/month? And he doesn't even have full custody of their daughter? That's crazy!

I thought lots of other people would feel similarly, but it turns out she gets very little sympathy. Male commenters on the articles I read about the ruling remarked, "It's about time it worked the other way!" Women remarked, "That's what she gets for being a b*tch."

Now I don't know Halle personally and I'm guessing these commenters don't either. So why people are celebrating a woman having to pay her ex who doesn't have full custody of a child almost a quarter of a million dollars per year? I feel awful for her.

I make more than my ex and if I was ordered to pay him a dime I would be livid.

What about you? Do you feel bad for Halle or are you a Halle hater? If so, why??