First Child is Sooo Exciting!!

So I am 35 almost 36 weeks pregnant today. This will be my first child. And Im so happy that it is going to be a little beautiful boy. His name will be Talon Marquis Davis. I cannot express even in words how incredibly happy I am that Im going to be a mommy. I am 23 years old right now and its finally happening. After waiting and seeing my cousins and younger cousins have children. I always wondered when my time would come. I guess I just had to meet the right guy for it to happen. And I did. Talons daddy is going to be a great one. I can already tell. :) He is the most caring and big hearted guy I have ever met. I am very much thankful for him and everything he does for me and our unborn son!! Things get crazy sometimes but... thats life! Today I went and got an ultra sound done and got to see Talon and hear his little heart beat. Its always great to see and hear him. Im already in love with him. :) He is going to be such a spoiled little boy its rediculous. Both of his grandmothers are already in love with him as well and Im thankful that we have the two wonderful women there for us. Im thankful for my family and my boyfriends family. We definetly have all the love and support that anyone could ask for. I am the last of my older cousins to be having a baby. I am glad I waited though. I dont think there could or would have been anything I could've done in the past that would have made me as ready as I am now. I am not even one bit disappointed or stressed out or scared of having a baby. Well maybe except the pain I will feel on my delivery day! ;) But that would be expected! I have so much that I want to do for my baby boy Talon. God has truly blessed my life and changed it drastically in a good way. I was going no where before I found out I was pregnant. Life was nothing, I was a selfish person and cared about nothing or no one but myself. And as soon as I found out I had a little life inside of me everything changed. Everything! I see a reason now to want to do good and be an unselfish person. Talon will be here by the end of next month. And I know when I have him I am going to cry my eyes out with tears of happiness. :) His daddy probably will to. Along with all of our other family memebers who will be there. I sure wish my dad was still around to see me now and meet his new little grandson. I know he will be watching down on us though and he will see him. :) Well I have alot more feelings and thoughts and emotions that I cannot even begin to expain in words. Im just happy to the fullest in life right now and I am even more happier about becoming a mother for the first time. :) Its the best feeling in the world!!