The First Thanksgiving: 7 Baby Names Inspired by the Holiday

Baby NamesBaby NamesRegardless of your feelings on the way we teach the first Thanksgiving in schools, one must admit that the names of the 17th century were ones for the record books. From Puritan virtue names like Temperance to Peregrine, a baby born on the anchored Mayflower, you'll find plenty of naming inspiration from the roaring '20s - the 1620s, that is.

1. May

Origin: English; Meaning: the fifth month

Where would the pilgrims be today without the ship that brought them over - the Mayflower? May is a short and sweet version of the name that serves as a nod to the ship, the springtime month, or beloved actress Mae West.

2. Virginia
Origin: Latin; Meaning: maiden

The first child to be born in the settled Plymouth colony was long believed to be Virginia Dare in 1597 - so this one's perfect for the little girl who wants to be first in everything.

3. Humility

Origin: English; Meaning: humble

Baby Humility was a mere year old when she set off with her aunt and uncle on the Mayflower. She was the youngest passenger on the ship - maybe a good name for the littlest one in your family?

4. Boston

Origin: Middle English; Meaning: town by the woods

While "Massachusetts Bay Colony" might be a little long to put on that birth certificate, the historical city it would become is a fine alternative for boys or girls. The colony first celebrated Thanksgiving 10 years after the Plymouth celebration.

5. Myles

Origin: Latin; Meaning: peaceful

Myles Standish was an English military officer who later became military advisor for the settled Plymouth Colony. He probably wore those frilly collars that were inexplicably in fashion during the 1600s - something to remember when you're wondering why toddler Myles has paired neon pink cowboy boots, a raincoat, and a winter hat for an outfit.

6. Oceanus

Origin: Greek; Meaning: the ocean

In Greek mythology, Oceanus was the father of rivers and water nymphs - and also the only baby born on the Mayflower's maiden voyage to New England. Oceania is an alternative for girls.

7. Smith
Origin: English; Meaning: blacksmith

Smith may be one of the most popular last names in America - but it makes for a fresh-sounding boys name, as well as a tribute to explorer John Smith, who helped found the settlement of Jamestown.

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