Following Her Tune: 5 Things Grammy-winner Adele Taught Me About Parenting

5 things you can learn about parenting from Adele5 things you can learn about parenting from AdeleUnlike the brokenhearted soul of her "Rolling in the Deep," Adele really does have it all: a fabulous music career, a shelf full of awards to prove it (including the "Best Pop Solo Performance" award she took home at last night's Grammy Awards), a happy relationship and -- best of all -- a new baby boy.

Unlike some performers who make a second career out of vying for the title of "Most Outrageous Wardrobe" (or Behavior), Adele prefers to save the dramatics for her songs and live a private life with her fiance and baby Angelo.

But in her own quiet way, Adele has a lot to teach us about being a mom. Here are 5 things to learn about parenting by following Adele's example:

1. It's okay not to be a size 0
Unlike certain other celeb moms who pushed themselves to slim down virtually moments after bringing home baby, Adele has never been concerned about her weight. She once said, "I would only lose weight if it affected my health or sex life." Her healthy attitude toward her looks is one we could all learn from.

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2. Parenting is tough - don't be afraid to admit it
Yes, of course we love our children beyond words. But there are aspects of parenting that aren't all that thrilling. Sometimes caring for a baby or following after a toddler can be downright mind-numbingly boring! But if we always put on a happy face for the world, not only are we being dishonest with others, but with ourselves as well - and that can make it hard to ask for or receive help and advice when we need it. That's why Adele deserves praise for her Golden Globes interview in which she confessed that motherhood is "exhausting" and that she developed eczema from boiling bottles. Who can't relate?

3. You don't have to be a TMI mom
Some new mothers can't wait to chat to everyone they know about every little detail: the 20-hour labor, the atomic poops, the brand of cream they use for cracked nipples. Adele, on the other hand, is far more discreet. She hasn't even officially announced her son's name - although she has been spotted wearing a necklace that says "Angelo."

4. Work and family do mix
Alas, mothers who work outside the home are still made to feel guilty about their choices. But no one is suggesting that Adele hang up her microphone so that she can stay with Angelo 24/7. In fact, when she made a remark last year about taking a five-year-break, fans howled. So even though it may not be easy to achieve a work-family balance, it's still worth the effort. Busy as she is, Adele hasn't even hired a full-time nanny!

5. Be good to Grandma!
When you become a mother, you realize just how much work and love your own mother put into raising you. (If you're lucky, you also discover how wonderful it is to have Gram babysit every so often.) Adele's mother, Penny Adkins, is the very picture of devotion. The single mom worked two jobs and encouraged her talented daughter to take her singing career as far as it could go. Well, her efforts paid off - and her famous daughter just thanked her by giving her a house in Notting Hill worth nearly $1 million. We can't all be that generous, but we can still say a heartfelt "thank you" once in a while.

- By Shana Aborn
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