Would You Freeze Your Eggs If Your Boss Told You To?

Sounds crazy, but some bosses (like Diane Sawyer!) actually encourage it.

By Sarah Yang for TheBump.com

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Vitrification (a technique for freezing unfertilized eggs) has become a popular thing among career-driven, busy women who aren't ready to have a baby but want one eventually. It's so popular, in fact, that even bosses are encouraging it! According to Newsweek, news anchor Diane Sawyer sends her hard-working employees (who have a difficult time getting away from the office to meet a partner and have kids) to New York University's Fertility Center.

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Women have been flocking to fertility clinics because they aren't ready to have children yet but want to at some point, and some are even sent by their well-meaning parents who want to be grandparents one day. This procedure doesn't come cheap, though. It's around $15,000 for one cycle, where 10 to 20 eggs are frozen -- leaving career-focused women who are on a budget with fewer options.

But what exactly are the pros and cons to your boss encouraging you to freeze your eggs? Here are a couple we came up with:

Pro: Your boss actually does care about you!
Con: Your boss cares, but she's not going to make your workload lighter so you can have free time to meet the man of your dreams and have babies anytime soon.

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Pro: Your boss knows you're committed to your job and that you work hard.
Con: While your boss knows you're focused, she's not expecting you to slow down until you're 40-plus and ready to unfreeze your eggs.

Pro: It means you're close enough with your boss that she feels it's okay to give you some pretty personal advice.
Con: Um, she's giving you advice about your reproductive organs. You might be spending half of your year-end review discussing in detail how they froze your eggs. Awkward.

Pro: Your boss will probably be sending you to a reputable clinic -- she's got all the connections.
Con: She's probably not going to pay for it.

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