Fun Ideas for Treasure Hunt Clues

Kid's treasure hunt parties have become the latest craze! Coming up with unique and fun themes for children's birthday parties and other events can be daunting at best. More and more parents are faced with the need to find new and creative ways to entertain throngs of classmates, neighborhood children and siblings of various ages. One simple, low-cost and very popular way to entertain children at any kind of celebration, indoors or out, is with a good old-fashioned kid's treasure hunt. A kid's treasure hunt is the one party game that promotes interaction, and leaves your party guests with lasting memories of their fun and adventurous day at your child's party.

What if your child doesn't want a pirate-themed treasure hunt party? That is not a problem because kid's treasure hunts aren't just for pirates. Tradition has dictated that pirates are the great treasure hunters but the fact of the matter is treasure hunts are loved by boys, girls, and grown-ups alike. They make an exciting addition to any party theme. Kid's treasure hunts can be simply adapted with a storyline and a variety of decorations to fit into any party theme. This is the one area of planning where your child might already have a very clear idea of what they want to do. Let your child make the decision as it makes the party their own. Having Fun with Kids Treasure Hunts.

To adapt a kid's treasure hunt for a princess/prince themed party, for example, you might announce that someone has stolen the princess/prince's jewels and whoever finds them by following the clues will be rewarded with a share of the loot. You place a jewelry box overflowing with plastic beads, candy necklaces and rings. You can also add other gem-like treats or yardsale jewelry in the center of the party table. Other themes and decorations might revolve around the latest TV cartoon characters, superheroes, pop idols, or a holiday.

All that being said, be careful not to fall into the parent trap of spending a small fortune buying themed party goods. Consider purchasing just a few themed bright and colorful decorations and then either complement them with less expensive coordinating party supplies and decorations or make your own! There are plenty of fun, entertaining ways to put you and your child's artistic talent to work to customize your party.

Some crafty ideas kids may enjoy making or having at their party include: authentic-looking weathered pirate treasure maps, princess/prince crowns and jewelry, piñatas, cardboard hooks inserted into the bottom of styrofoam cups to wear on their hands like Captain Hook. Paper or felt decorated pirate hats, bejeweled and personalized loot bags are fun and easy to make too.

If you are short on time or money like many households are, you can find great, affordable complete treasure hunt kits on line as well as at your local party store. The clues are included which sometimes can be the most difficult and time consuming part of getting prepared for your kid's treasure hunt. Most of all just have fun with it!