The Funny, Sweet and Inspiring New Year’s Resolutions New Moms Make

You'll laugh, cry and think about your own resolutions for 2012 after you read these!

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"I'm going to work on creating and sharing photo albums, as well as doing a 365 photo project. I also want to take two fitness classes a month -- yoga, dance. And no McDonald's the entire year!" -- yogisunam

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"My husband and I are going to eat out less. We're going to try to go the entire month of January without eating out." -- kateandmark

"Mine is to get my daughter potty-trained! She really should be by now, but she just seems uninterested, ha!" -- eviebee

"I'm going to do something active every day, even if it's walking for 10 minutes right after work." -- northamarack

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"I want to make our house more of a 'home' by doing some landscaping, painting and putting more work into decorating our sons' rooms. I also have a goal of nursing this baby longer than my first son." -- kallieandjustin

"Lose all my baby weight so I can fit into all of the designer jeans that I spent so much money on before babies, be more patient with my hubby and keep in better contact with family and friends." -- buboo

"Cut back on our spending by not eating out so much and save more money!" -- s&j306

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"To pick 10 cookbooks and cook three new recipes from each." -- ally

"I'm no longer going to go out of my way trying to make friendships work if I'm the only one making the effort." -- theuptown_girl

"I'm going to stop beating myself up when I feel like I'm not perfect." -- bridgetmc

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"Actually use the gym membership that I pay for, blog at least once a week and get my hubby to see the benefits of eating things other than chicken nuggets!" -- kbrook

"I usually don't make resolutions, but I really need to cut back on Diet Coke. I'm such an addict!" -- trizzie

"I'm going to focus more on me and other things in my life rather than on my constant obsession with TTC. I feel like I've lost myself in the constant worry about ovulation, the two-week wait, etc." -- texmeg

"My only resolution is to get the nursery organized and ready for the baby. Considering what a disaster the room is at the moment, I think that one is good enough." -- mitzie

"I promise to find my sometimes MIA libido!" -- poeia

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"With baby coming, I definitely don't want to let the laundry pile up like I do now. We'll see how successful I am!" -- writerchick23

"I'm going to keep the house neater and go to the gym at least four times a week." -- anna&matt

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