Future Philanthropist

It's wonderful to hear, when a child wants to grow up to become a philanthropist for kids.

My son Rain Fields wants to help kids, all across the world.

And with the support of his mom, he has been helping kids all across the globe, with his new product he invented.

Hi new product, is an all natural disinfectant spray just for kids.

There are thousands of kids dying, from virus in other countries each day.

And there are millions of germs and bacteria found in public bathroom, restrooms and even schools each day.

Rain wanted to help prevent the spread and breakout of infectious disease and virus among children.

Today Rain has been donating his products to help disadvantage kids at school, orphanages, homeless shelters, children's hospitals, OSU children's homes, and SOS children village team.

The locations of his donations of 123 bathroom safety 4 me and his children's books, has been Kpotoe, Dzofe and Akuatey.

In the next few weeks, Rain wants to donate more of his products and children's books, to all the kids in South Africa, Cambodian, and Haiti.

One day soon parents in America, will be able to purchase this product for their kids at their local store and all natural food store co-ops.

1. Kids all natural spray.


2. Children's Books.