Get Kids Laughing

Funny Books, Movies, Games, and More

Every parent remembers their baby's first smile. And there's nothing better than when your kids actually develop their own sense of humor. Sharing a private joke, a silly song, or even a nonsense story is more than a fun way to pass the time: Laughter actually strengthens our bond with our kids.

Of course, all they need to know is that it's funny. So keep the comedy coming with our editors' favorite funny books, TV shows, movies, and games.

If you're looking for laughs, cartoons are the perfect place to start. And don't tell your kids, but some of the silliest animated shows actually sneak in a little learning with the jokes.

Older kids may prefer sitcoms, but sometimes you gotta go old school (like Family Ties) to find the perfect blend of depth and humor. And sometimes even snarky shows like The Simpsons leave room for positive messages.

As long as you're opening the entertainment vault, why not revisit classic comedies featuring the singularly hilarious antics of Charlie Chaplin, the Marx Brothers, and Cary Grant? And the mix of old and modern favorites on our list of Best Family Movie Laughs will have the whole family in stitches.

No matter how old you are, funny books are one of life's great pleasures. Our picks offer a motley crew of characters for your reading entertainment, including an interrupting chicken, a genius of unspeakable evil, and a ghost girl.

And finally, there are even some age-appropriate laughs to be found in the world of mobile apps. Playing your way from guffaws to giggles is the stuff that memories are made of.

What's your family's go-to for funny stuff?

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