Girl goes from 0-10 in 85 seconds

Oh, viral videos and the funny feelings they unleash! This morning's clickfest comes in form of "Natalie"--an infant who becomes, via (almost) daily photographs, a toddler, then a kid, then a pretty girl on the verge of the hell that is preteendom. Okay, the last part is totally my version of reality (and specifically, fifth grade), but a funny thing happened to me over the 20 times I watched this particular 85 seconds: I got sad.

Is it because my own boy seems to be growing up too fast? Because Natalie's smile seems to change from the one you have for yourself to the one you have for other people? Because if we expanded this format to 340 seconds, we'd have me staring in wonder at the recent patch of white that has started to sprout from the middle of my head? I can't tell for sure, but I can tell you this: Unlike the time-elapsed beard growing dude, this one hits a funny place in my heart and makes me want to pull my son out of school so he can sit on my lap for the next decade. Just kidding! Not really. Sigh.