Homemade bubbles 101

photo credit: makeandtakes.comphoto credit: makeandtakes.comIt never fails. My boys get a bubble kit filled with a small container of bubble solution and cool wands. Within five minutes, the bubble solution is gone because it's been a) knocked over by accident onto our patio; b) completely used up by two crazy kids; or c) purposely knocked over by the dog because she eats weird things.

While it seems easy enough to just pour some soap and water into a container, you also need a little something extra to give the bubble solution some zing. Otherwise you just have lots of suds.

Enter corn syrup.

Marie over at Make and Takes posted a nice little how-to piece for homemade bubble mix. You should have everything on hand in your kitchen, which makes this project easy on the wallet. And it's also perfect as we gear up for spring and summer outdoor fun.