Do Your Homework Before Selling Your Infant Items

Like all children, mine have hit their spring growth spurts. As a mom, I knew this meant that we not only needed to let go of the old items but that we would be in need of new ones as well. Having been to swapping parties before (where parents swap items instead of selling them), I decided that as money is tight we would consider selling them to the local children's consignment shop first.

I called Once Upon A Child in Huber Heights, Ohio and verified that they were still accepting new and gently used clothes and other child items in return for cash. I then gathered the belongings we wanted to sell and we packed the van full to go to the store. There were many great items and we were sure that we would have a great deal on our hands for cash to purchase new clothes.

Once at the store, we all took turns labeling each of our bags and additional items with our name. We then left the store and allowed the employees time to go through the belongings. At the store we noticed that it was almost closing time and so we went back to collect our funds and any items the store didn't want.

To our surprise, the employees had all of our belongings bagged and ready for us to take back in return, except for three. The employees explained that our other items weren't needed (which consisted in an estimated $200 in good clothing and at least $75 in toys) and let me know that they would pay me $7 in cash for the three items they would accept.

As I looked over the three items they wanted to purchase, I realized that one of the three items was a stroller that I'd paid $40 from them in the past six months for. I chose to take the stroller back and sale it in a yard sale, in which I then sold for $25. As for the other two items, I went ahead and sold and received an entire $2 for.

I highly suggest that before you put out the gas and head to the next consignment shop, that you do your homework on all of your available money making opportunities first. Do as I did and call the store to make sure they are accepting the items you have before you leave. Will the money you put out in gas to go to the store match or make you more by taking your items? Or will you be better of holding a swapping party or yard sale?

In the end, I will be okay with hosting swapping parties and saving the money I'd use in gas to go to the stores, unless it is a product that I know will be in high demand. However, I will not be expecting a great deal of money for the item, despite how great the advertisements make the cash offer sound.